Extend A Helping Hand; Give Hope!

Community Development

BWS is an NGO working towards Community Development through community participation. BWS believes not in giving, but in sharing problems and solutions.

BWS is presently addressing the following issues in the community:

  • Community motivation of provision of primary health care services.
  • Awareness-raising in the community through literacy programs.
  • Income generation activities.
  • Environmental sanitation.
  • Promotion of hygienic health practices.
  • The vision of BWS is to provide services to the community, where there is most need and to make the development programs sustainable through community ownership. Male and women activist groups in the community sustain the educational and health awareness programs. BWS works in coordination with affected communities to provide nutrition support.
  • Hand Pumps are installed with community participation.
  • Midwives are trained from the community.
  • Home schools were established with the involvement of community girls.
  • Adult literacy classes in the community.
  • Health awareness programs in the community.
  • Community ownership of development programs.
  • Women empowerment of community women.